Persuasion and Influence

Do you have that Persuasion and Influence you need for success?


  • Just think of the possibilities from knowing just a few techniques that can build Influence with colleagues, clients, friends and family!
  • Do you understand how important being able to influence the people around you?
  • Why is having the ability to persuade and influence people so important in today’s business world?

Hi, I am J Westley Wilson, let me show you the importance of having the ability to Influence and Persuasion to those around you.

At Kevin's Bootcamp 2015

Dr Kevin Hogan and I


Imagine that you have this certain person that you are wanting to be on your side in a business transaction.  Wouldn’t it be great to know how that you can be persuasive to gain that persons trust to be on your side.

Think about doing a sales call on a potential client.  Having the ability to to offer the value of your product to get the “YES” to a sale.  Wouldn’t that be great, you got the sale!! Knowing how to influence people over the phone could be a great asset, RIGHT!

Some of the greatest minds on Persuasion and Influence, I have studied and understand the techniques you need to achieve that higher level of success that you are wanting.

  •  There is nothing stopping you from learning these techniques that can gain that next high dollar sale.
  •  Maybe that interview from a promotion knowing some of these keys points could be the ticket to landing that promotion.
  • Being able to persuade those around you is something that can be of great help to you in business.
  • There are so many possibilities that can be of great benefit to you through know how to Persuade and Influence others.

I know you are interested in learning more about how you can learn and gain these powerful tools. So go ahead right now and click this link.  Contact me and someone from my staff will be in contact with you right away.