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My Rise to Success.

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When I was little around 6 years old in government housing with my mom and sister. Even though we didn’t have much we were all happy for the most part. I can imagine it was hard on my mom in those days now that I am much older.

We moved several times over the next few years between grandparents and old houses that weren’t in the best shape. My mom did what she thought was, for the best, I do not blame her at all. She done everything she could for us.

Step-dad came along and things changed.

THEN, my step-dad came into the picture. We met through church and he claimed to be many things which he wasn’t in my opinion. My mom had always encouraged me in school and anything I wanted to do.

My Step-dad thought differently than my mom did and this is where I started to learn how to be successful.  You see, he wasn’t very encouraging at all. I was always told that I was to stupid, dumb or ignorant to become anything. Was always put down and told horrible things by him. That was just the mental abuse that always was going on by him.

Then came the beatings and being hit for no reason, but because he was mad, I was his punching bag. Always hated coming home from school, I would rather have stayed at school than to come home.  I would get so tore up about having to go home, that my nerves even as a child would get my stomach in knots.   Never knew what mood he was going to be in. I believe the scariest moment was when he was going to shoot us all and grab his pistol and told us to run. That if he seen us he would shoot us. This was my sister and I he was telling this too. Being told all through school that I wouldn’t amount to anything. I rebelled against him.

Rebellion that lead to success!

BUT, I rebelled in a good way so to say. I was out to prove him wrong and that I could succeed in school. When I graduated high school I was so proud that I had succeeded, after being told since the 9th grade to drop out and find a job. But I stayed in school and graduated right in the very middle of my class.

I learned many lessons from rebelling against him that taught me how to succeed. The most important was to never stop pushing forward towards my goal of graduating High School. What ever the goal I have set for myself I have always been able to achieve it.


I joined the US Navy and learned so much about what the world has to offer. After my time in the US Navy was over and received an Honorable Discharge. I went to work was married and living life in my 20’s.  Life was good!!

Screeching tires and smoke!

Until…everything went dark. I was heading home from work and was involved in a major accident. I was in a coma for 6 1/2 days and then spent almost 4 months in the hospital. Doctors didn’t know if I would ever walk again, or use my right arm.

Being told I can’t do something wasn’t what I wanted to hear. Being told I can’t brought back bad memories of my step dad telling me I can’t. That was unacceptable in my book and I was not going to listen.

I set my goals and pushed myself for a year and a half and learned to walk again. I learned to use my arm and write again. Granted my handwriting isn’t the prettiest but I can write.



I learned many more lessons going through the recovery from the accident to add the what I had learned from dealing with my step-dad. I believe that all of these tips and techniques that I have learned to know how to succeed can be used for anything that I want to do.

Now here in 2015 I am the owner of my own corporation, JW Publishing Corporation. I set my goals to be a successful business man when I was a young boy. I never quit on my goals.

What I want to do now is to pass along what I have learned and been able to succeed, from growing up through adversity and surviving, to everyone so that they to can learn to be successful.


Always set your goals and never loose sight on your goals. Make them a reality and success will be yours.


You can be successful too, I’m positive of that. You just have to make the decision that you want too.

I am available to speak with you and discuss the options that you have to gain that success you have always wanted.

  • Haven’t you always wanted to be on top?
  • Don’t you want to have the finances to do the things you have only dreamed about?
  • Think about it, owning that home or even that vacation home?
  • Owning that nice luxury car that you see others drive by in, it can be yours!
  • Imagine taking that vacation trip of a lifetime, once you have gained your success you WILL take that trip!!


So what is holding you back from gaining that success you have always wanted but only dreamed about? Think about it for a moment and then ask yourself.  



What is your answer?  
IF it is YES then you have only one option and that is to contact me and lets get you started on the right path towards your success. Don’t wait so do it NOW!!

Procrastination will only bring you the same old thing that happens day in and day out.  You want to be successful so CONTACT me now.  

Your success is only a few right decisions away from you right now!!!!






J Westley Wilson