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Sitting picSpeaking from the experiences of life to help others.

Overcoming life’s obstacles

building strength and knowledge from it.

Using my experience and knowledge to help others reach their GOALS!


Imagine having a speaker that will bring excitement and life to your audience at your next event.  Having your audience come away with a new sense of eagerness to achieve more and strive for a better success.  You can see it now all the smiling faces and energy that has filled the room.

That is EXACTLY what Mr. J Westley Wilson will bring to your next event.

High Energy, Motivating and Inspiring


Packed house learning the essentials to body langauge.

Always a packed house!

                  Who am I

Growing up living in Government housing to being told I would never amount to anything by an abusive step-dad. To being a successful business owner today.

Surviving a horrible car accident and being told I would never walk or use my right arm. I survived and walk today.  Setting goals and working towards them with all of my being. I was able to do what many thought was impossible.

I have been through hell on earth and overcame the odds. My goal now is to pay it forward and help others to achieve their success in business and in life.

FEAR is the Number 1 cause of failure!!!

How many times have you wanted to do something either in business or in personal matters but been to afraid to try?

Throughout all that I have been through I learned that fear was the Number 1 cause of people stopping and not pushing forward to find their dreams and success.  I faced a lot of fear growing up but I was never the victim.  I chose to be strong and to succeed in everything I have done in my life.  

Setting goals to achieve what I wanted became easy once I learned how to set goals the right way.  That is one area that I want to teach others so that they can achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

One nasty WORD that stops so many from finding success.

BUT… Have many times have you heard others say and even used it yourself to not do something.  I need to accomplish these goals BUT I don’t know if I can or should right now.  Sound familiar does it?  That one word stops you from pressing forward. That one word stems from the fear you have of what may happen.  90% of the time people will only see a negative outcome to what it is they are using the word ‘but’ for.  I want to show everyone how a change in perspective with thinking about a task will go from 90% negative to 100% positive outlook.  Building on that positive outlook brings on motivation and drive to push forward.

My fascination with Body Language.

Growing up I always wanted to be liked by everyone else. So I would watch and imitate the way others acted. I did this because I wanted to be popular like they were.  This later led me to a Degree in Sociology from the University of Tennessee. I still craved to know why people act in the ways that they do. This then led me to the study of body language. Now as an expert in Body Language I teach others how to be aware and know the cues of body language and what they are telling us.

It is amazing that during a conversation, the non-speaking conversation that is going on that most people are blind to. I know you have seen two people talking and one is talking on and on and on.  The other person is staring out in space looking in another direction. Half way responding with one word answers being polite and sitting there as that other person rambles on.  Body language is speaking volumes during that conversation but the person talking is completely blind to it.

Some one in a sales meeting trying to hard to get the sale that they continue to go on and on.  Then give discounts to try to make the sale or add additional items to make that sale. IF they could read the body language of the other person they would have a better chance in getting the sale BEFORE they start panicking and blowing the sale.

I use a combination of Sales training along with body language to teach to everyone how to sell. But also how to read the other person so that if there is any problem that they might have. You will see it and know how to change that around so that you can gain that sale and keep clients happy.

Learn how to read the small ques a person is giving off in non-verbal language.  Knowing how to read a person will help you gain the upper hand in most cases.  Knowing how to read a persons body language will help you stay that step ahead in the conversation so that you will be able to direct the conversation to your benefit.

I am not telling you or teaching you to be dishonest and do not condone dishonesty at all.  Being honest is the best thing for your reputation. Being dishonest you loose that reputation and integrity and in the process loose business and sales.



                                                                                                                                                                                    Ready to begin

Topics I speak on:

Finding Success



Overcoming Adversity

Inspirational/Motivational to inspire people

Goal Setting

Work/Life Balance



Training Seminars

Sales Training

Body Language

Overcoming Adversity

Goal Setting 

Influence and Persuasion



Who I will work with:

I have to put this out there for everyone.  I will only work with people that are motivated to find the change to make them great. Willing to listen to advise that is meant to help them succeed in business and in life. People that are at a junction in their business wanting to improve and grow the business to a more financial standing.  Your success is my goal.  Everything I do is to bring you success in your business.  You MUST be willing to do what it takes to grow and become even more successful than you are now. 

That is what your wanting in the first place isn’t it!!!  To get more successful in what you do.


Call to speak to myself or a team member.  We look forward to speaking with you.



Before presenting in Las Vegas. Tonya is an expert in Body Language.

Before presenting in Las Vegas. Tonya Reiman from Fox News and other TV stations is an expert in Body Language.